Heritage Hogs

We have raised hogs for our own consumption and for sale to our CSA customers and specialty restaurants since 1985. In the summer of 2012 we began a breeding program for Heritage Hogs. The breeds we choose are the American Guinea Hog and the Large Black for their efficiency of converting feed to meat, largely on pasture or forage, as well as their hardiness and congenial dispositions. Both are extremely old breeds and very rare. Breeding stock and genetic diversity are limited. We have bred both purebred and hybrid pigs with these foundation breeds.

We have piglets available throughout the year. Check out our For Sale page for our current offerings.

American Guinea Hogs

Pastured Guinea Hogs

American Guinea Hogs were developed throughout the Southeastern US. They are a very hardy pig, excellent foraging, and at a moderate size (300#) known for excellent flavored sweet delicate meat. They are very efficient at converting feed to meat and care must be taken not to overfeed them with grain as they easily over-fatten. A diet of pasture or hay and table scraps may be sufficiently balanced. They are personable, friendly and easily handled. They have exceptional mothering skills and can be the perfect sustainable homestead hog.

Large Black

Large Black Sow

The Large Black originated in Britain in the 1800s. They are a hardy pig able to thrive in cold and hot climates, with their dark skin coloration thought to protect them well from sunburn. They have long periods of fertility and strong maternal instincts. They are docile, easy keepers suitable for extensive farming, efficiently converting forage, pasture and poor quality feeds into high quality meat. Their meat is known for their long deep bodied carcass and delicious marbled pork. Our Large Black sows have primarily been bred to Hampshire (another heritage breed) or Hampshire-cross boars and have resulted in very fine piglets.

Newborn American Guinea Hogs
Guinea Hogs love to wallow when it's hot
Weanling Guinea Hog piglets
Cold hardy Guinea Hogs
Hardy Large Black
Mark walking the pig
Large Black x Hampshire cross piglets