For Sale


We have many sizes free-range turkeys available now!

Please contact us for details.

2021 Kids

Our kidding season has begun!

Take a look at our breeding schedule for this year.

Livestock Guardian Dogs

Both purebred Pyrs and Pyr-Anatolian crosses make great LGDs as well as great pets. Born and raised with goats and mentored by our experienced LGDs.

Please contact us for available puppies or to get on the waiting list for future litters.

Teddie and her most recent litter
Puppies enjoying their first winter
Great Pyr/Anatolian pups at six weeks
Pyr pup pile

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Please contact us for more information.

Cavalier puppy
The whole litter
With grandma Nelly
Playing with the big dogs

Heritage Hogs

Please contact us for available pigs.

Large Black x Hampshire cross piglets
AGH sow and piglets

Also take a look at our goat milk soaps.