Breeding Chart

Important Notes

Please make three choices when reserving kids. We will do our best to deliver a kid you like, but we make no guarantees.

Pricing depends on pedigree and proof of the parents: Prices for kids from first fresheners start at $500; prices of kids from does who we deem worthy to remain in our breeding program increase from $600 depending on show and milk records; kids from permanent champions start at $1000 and increase from there; National Champion titles and Top Ten milk awards add to the price of kids from $1100+.

Prices listed for wethers are for single animals. Those sold as part of a package will be discounted. Additional wethers not listed here may be available.

All breedings are subject to change. We reserve the right to change the price and retain any kid at any time. All bucks are sold on breeders term with right of first refusal to purchase back and option to purchase 25 straws of semen at the cost of collection only. Please see our Sales Contract and return a signed copy with a deposit of $100 per kid to hold your reservation.

If you are interested in a kid from any of these breedings, contact Anne for more information.