Anne Petersen of Rosasharn Farm

Meet the Herd Mom, Anne Petersen. Nothing makes her happier than being with her kids, human and caprine.


I began keeping goats in 1986. My first were Alpine-Pygmy crosses; I sought a small dairy animal to provide the household with milk. I then moved on to ADGA registered Nubians, who I decided were too big and pushy around my young children. On my quest to find the perfect small, family/homestead goat I thought was looking for Kinders and accidentally happened upon Nigerian Dwarves. It was love at first sight! I acquired my first Nigerian, Goodwood Geranium, in 1991 and have never looked back… Since that fateful decision, my three older children, Margiana, Robin and Linden, have also become involved in the managing, raising and showing of our goats. Margiana is full partner in the farm opperation. Our fourth child, Eleanor, is following in her siblings’ footsteps.

Rosasharn goats are currently registered with the American Goat Society and the American Dairy Goat Society. I have been a Board member of the American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association; was the President of the New England Nigerian Dwarf Association; and a member of the AGS and American Dairy Goat Association. I have been the leader of a 4H group specializing in goat keeping (many Nigerians included) for more than 10 years.

Margiana Petersen

Daughter Margiana at a 1995 show


We attended our first AGS show in 1995. Most of our senior animals have earned their permanent champion status. Our greatest successes were at he AGS National shows in NY state the summer of 1997, and in North Carolina in 2000 where our buck (Master (permanent) Champion) ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S was chosen best of breed! Also, in NC 2000, our doe (now ARMCH) Rosasharn’s Sandalwood 4*D was chosen Grand Champion Senior Doe and was beat in the Champion Challenge class by our (Margiana’s) ARMCH Goodwood Water Lily *D and followed in the Ch Ch line up by our own ARMCH Rosasharn’s Baby Bella *D(at age 9 yr.)! In 2005 Eclipse won National Champion Sr. Doe followed by Bita as her reserve and Witch Hazel as National Best Udder. In 2007 we, again cleaned up.

Our breeding program favors line-breeding on the outstanding genetics of Tom Thumb and Tiger. The Rosasharn herd has a unique and distinctive style; looking and milking just like the standard dairy goats, in miniature. We have had our herd evaluated, classified and LA’d several times and many animals have earned an Excellent (E) score. We breed our does once per year. They are wormed regularly, receive C/D Tetanus and BoSe injections annually. Our herd tests negative annually for: CAE, Johnnes, TB and Brucelosis. They do not have contagious abscesses. We have maintained a closed herd for many years, only leash breeding, using new bucks (who never live or run with the does), occasionally and very carefully.

Goat Milk products from Rosasharn Farm

The does are milked primarily to provide milk for the house though we share some of the surplus and feed the rest to hogs. We make delicious cheese and yogurt, and our own soap. We have been participating on official Milk Test, DHIR since 1998. All our senior does have earned their dairy stars, or are in the process. I will discuss my records and milking routine–ask me. I strive to have does freshen throughout the year to maintain a constant milk supply. Therefore, we usually have kids available or due. The herd has just about reached optimum size now which means that occasionally mature breeding stock is offered for sale to make space available for youngsters we want to keep. We will give a discount on the price of a wether as a companion to any goat purchased from me.

I ship animals out of T F Green airport in Providence RI or may consider meeting you somewhere if it’s not too inconvenient; of course you are encouraged to come visit the farm, choose and transport your own goast. On the following pages are pedigrees, descriptions, show records (usually only grand and reserve wins are noted), and photos of the Rosasharn breeding stock. We have tried to mention their greatest weaknesses as well as their strengths. We are eager to discuss any individual(s) or breedings in further detail. Select offspring from these breedings will be sold; reservations are being taken. We breed our best animals for their best ofspring but we do not guarentee that you will like our animals. Please see our terms of sale. Prices generaly start at $450 for registered kids. A deposit of $100 will hold the animal of your choice until an agreed shipping time, after which a boarding fee may be added, or a portion of the deposit may be retained if we have held an animal and you change your mind, meaning we may have lost other sale opportunities. Thank you for your interest. We look forward to sharing our Rosasharn genetics with you.


Anne Petersen
Margiana Petersen-Rockney

We look forward to seeing what the future brings to the Rosasharn herd! Can we help your herd too?