In order to earn the title “Master Champion” (AGS) or ” Champion” (ADGA) a doe, or buck must win three Grand Champion (AGS ) or Champion (ADGA) awards at three different shows. One win may be as a Junior or Dry Doe, known as a Restricted Leg. Two of the wins, or “legs,” must be under different judges. ARMCH is shorthand for Advanced Registry Master Champion, meaning that in they have earned both their show championship and their AGS Master Championship. The following does have reached their Championship status while at Rosasharn Farm.

CH Rosasharn P Haiku 4*D, 4*M

“First ADGA Nigerian National Champion 2010″

Sire: Doe -Sy-Doe’s Patte’n
Dam: : ARMCH Rosasharn’s TL Unagi 4*D
21.5″ DOB: 3/6/06

Haiku is very wide, sharp and graceful. She has long easy to milk teats on a nicely shaped
udder with good medial suspensory ligament. She is a very good milker for a yearling. She has strong, forward facing feet and legs. We wish she had a prettier face.

Show record: 1 X Gr. Ch. Jr. ADGA
1 X Gr. Ch. Sr. Doe





ARMCH Rosasharn’s Uni 3*D ‘E’, 2*M EEEV 90

Sire: ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb+*S E
Dam:Rosasharn’s Baby Usa *D

2002 Breed leader for milk production and protein!
2003 Breed leader for milk production and protein!
2003 breed leader and record breaker for milk production with 1601# in 305 days!

DOB 8/18/98
HES : 72.9 out 80, as a Junior
(The highest Jr. score Harvey said he had given by that time);
Senior: 91.55 (EX!). HES clas. 90.4

Keeping this doe was an after-thought which occurred to me when her dam freshened for the 6th time at age 6 with 6.2 lb.s on first DHIA test, going on to breed leader for milk production, BF and protein in 1998 & 1999. I had high expectations for this gold doe to surpass her dam since her paternal grandam also has a capacious udder. WOW does she milk! And she shows too! This is the miniature dairy goat we breed for. It says it all, many years in a row breed leader, and ARMCH!! And as if she needs to prove herself even more take a look at her offspring, ARMCH R.Unagi and ARMCH R. Ulani and ARMCH R. Ume. She has no problem passing on some of her glory to her kids. Her greatest weakness is that she could use a stronger medial suspensory ligament for the size udder she carries.

Show record: 1X RS. GR. JR.
3 x GR. CH. SR.
ANDDA All American Jr Yearling ’99;
Many times Best Udder
Many times Champion Challenge.

AGS TOP 10 Production: 2002 #1mlk, #1BF, #2prot.
2003 #1mlk,#1BF, #3prot.
2004 #1mlk, #1BF,#1prot.
2005 #2mlk, #1BF, #3prot.
2006 #4mlk, #1BF, #6prot. 2007 #2mlk, #3BF, #5Prot.

ADGA TOP 10 Production: 2006 #2mlk, #3BF, #6 Prot

DHIA: 2.08-305-1456-85(5.8)-54(3.7)
8.06-279-1432-106-53 still in progress as of 12/07.

This doe milks!

ARMCH Rosasharn’s Buckwheat Honey 3*D ‘E’, 3*M EEEE 91 !

2007 AGS National Champion Doe
2010 ADGA Reserve National Champion Doe

Sire: OTR Magic’s M Heracles
Daughter: ARMCH Rosasharn’s Eclipse 2*D

2007 AGS National Champion Senior Doe and Best Udder!!!

AGS#D-14052 “Honey”
22.25″DOB 3/2/00.
AGS clas. 90.7

Honey is exceptional! Chocolate brown. When people see her they say “That’s dairy!” and they mean it. Her skin is soft, pliable, and elastic. Her ribs are open, flat and well sprung. Honey has the highest widest rear udder we have ever seen on a Nigerian. She milks too!
She knows she is special. We call her “Her Highness” because she knows she is royal! We have kept her daughters from 2002 and 2003 and 2007.

Show record: 1 X RS. CH. JR
1 X GR. CH. JR.
3 X GR. CH. SR.
3 X RS. GR. CH. SR.
6 X Best doe in show
8 X best udder.
1 X National Production class winner ’05
1 X AGS National Champion Sr. Doe ’07
1 X AGS National Champion Best Udder ’07

AGS TOP 10 Production: 2003 #5mlk, #7BF, #5prot.
2004 #2mlk, #2BF, #2prot.
2005 #3mlk, #2BF, #2prot.
2006 #2mlk, #2BF, #2prot.

DHIA: 2.01-305-1069-71(6.6)-44(4.1);
5.01 extended lactation: 634-2194-150-96.
7.00-280-1456-97-55 still in progress asof 12/07

This doe milks almost as well as Uni!

ARMCH Rosasharn’s Elfin 7*D VG, 1*M

Sire:ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S; ’97 & 2000 AGS BOB!
Dam: Stonewall’s Alias Grace 3*D (see ancestors)

22″ DOB: 3/26/00.
AGS clas. 88.3

Solid black and stylish! When this doe competed against our own Bonnie in a Junior Champion Challenge class under Harvey Considine, he commented that Elfin is “all that Bonnie is and everything she lacks!” Femininity and power combined. She has capacity and a very high, tight udder with an absolutely incredible fore-udder that blends smoothly right into her belly. Her greatest fault is that her teats could be more correctly placed in the center of the udder halves. Elfin is Robin’s personal goat, always shown by him.

Show record:1 X RS CH JR Doe;
1 X JR. CH;
2 X RS. CH. SR. Doe
2 X SR champion doe

AGS TOP 10 Production: 2003 #7 protein

DHIA: 2.01-267-840-52(6.2)-38(4.5).

ARMCH Rosasharn Tom’s Bit-a-Lilly 4*D VG, 2*M VVE+ 86

2007 AGS Reserve National Champion Doe

Sire: ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S; ( ’97 & 2000 AGS BOB! )
Dam : ARMCH Goodwood Water Lilly *D (2000 AGS Nat champ)

21.25″ DOB: 5/6/01.
AGS class. 89.3

“Bitta” has matured into a beautiful long bodied level doe. At almost seven years of age she is still a strong, graceful doe. Her kids are uniformly stylish.

Show Record: 3 X Grand Sr. AGS
1 X Rs. Sr. National Champion!
1 X ANDDA Specialty champion Sr.

DHIA: 2.01-278-597-47(7.9)-35(5.9)

ARMCH Rosasharn Tom’s Bit-O-Honey 4*D E, 4*M

Sire: ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb+*s (Two time National Champion buck!! )
Dam : ARMCH Rosasharn’s Buckwheat Honey 3*D (2007 AGS National Champion! )

20″ DOB 4/5/02
AGS clas. 90.2

“Mouse” is incredible; truly a miniature dairy goat. She’s always at the top of her class with general appearance and one of the flattest top lines on a Nigerian. She has a wonderful disposition too. Mouse almost has it all. If she were larger, she’d be a more productive milker in our herd. Her udder has wonderful silky texture making it easy to milk and empty completely. Her fore udder is very smooth and her rear udder is high and wide with a good medial ligament. Her conformation is near ideal, extremely uphill and proportional for her size. Her feet and legs are as near ideal as they can be to the AGS score card.

Show record: many blue ribbons
1 X Grand Champ JR.
2 X Rs. SR. AGS
1 X Rs. SR. ADGA
2 X Grand Sr. ADGA

DHIA: 2.00-175-533-42(7.9)-23(4.3)
5.03-136-411-28-19 (in progress)

ARMCH Rosasharn’s UMT Honey Bee 4*D E, 4*M

Sire: ARMCH Rosasharn’s Under My Thumb +*S
Dam: ARMCH Rosasharn’s Buckwheat Honey 3*D

21.5″ DOB 5/20/03
AGS Clas. 91

Brown/gold with a black cape and some white overlay. Honey Bee is truly a small Dairy Goat. She is sharp and refined, but at the same time powerful, beautiful full-extended brisket, wide arching escutcheon. She is a wonderful example of femininity, power, balance and temperament, all in one. Her udder has a full high nice rear, great texture, capacity and teat size. It could have a little more extension in the fore. She had great capacity and production but Honey Bee has survived mastitis and unfortunately,
lost half her udder. She is able to feed her kids but has not compensated for her loss as well as Unagi.

Show record: many blues
1 X Rs. Champion jr.
1 X Gr. Champion JR.
2 X ADGA Gr. Champion SR.

4.01-163-455-29-19(in progress)

ARMCH Rosasharn TL Almond Joy 5 *D, 5*M VEVV 88

Sire: ARMCH Rosasharn Tiger L +*S E
Dam: Rosasharn Tom’s Bit-O-Honey 4*D

20.75″ DOB 4-14-05

Joy is long, dairy and angular, yet still has width. She is balanced and graceful. She has her mothers incredible general appearance and her father’s smooth shoulders. A super udder, very high and smooth, overall very nice attachments. Very similar to her sister’s udder. Margiana feels that Joy most closely resembles her grandam, Buckwheat Honey in body type.

Joy is shown above in a show line up with Rosasharn’s Painted Lady, standing in second place to her.

Show record:
Many blues
Gr. Ch. Sr. ANDDA 2007 (National)Specialty Champion
and ANDDA specialty BOB




Rosasharn TL Queen Bee
 5 *D, 5*M VA++82 

Sire: ARMCH Rosasharns Tiger L +*S
Dam: ARMCH Rosasharn’s Honey Bee 4*D,5*M
DOB 4/19/06

Very well balanced, excellent general appearance for so young a doe. This doe combines strength, dairy character, width, levelness and power so nicely. She has a very nice, globular udder with easy to milk teats. We are anxious to see her with some more growth and another lactation or two.

Show record: 1 X Rs. CH. ADGA






Rosasharn TL Bewitched 
6 *D, 6*M +EVV 87

Sire: ARMCH Rosasharn Tiger L +*S E
Dam: Rosasharn’s Witch Hazel 5*D

So pretty! She has alot of width and dairy character. 
She is a lot like her mother but with better shoulders. 
This is a true miniature dairy goat. She has the will to milk. 
As a small first freshener with twins, she accepted a graft,
fed 3 big kids and always had extra milk. Her udder is not only capacious, but very gobular and well attached with big,
 plumb teats.

Show record:
2 x rs. gr. SR. 
2007 National Youth Show Peewee Fitting Champion/Linden