Rosasharn’s TL Galaxy *S E, ++B VEE

Sire: ARMCH Rosasharn’s Tiger L +*S E
Dam: ARMCH Rosasharn’s Eclipse 2*D

2005 AGS National Champion!
AGS: 90.5
1X Rs. JR.

Galaxy is a handsome, super long and level buck. His skin is loose and pliable and his ribs are flat and open. He has a very desireable rump. He has an exceptionally nice top line and long clean neck. He has an ideal head and ears that represent excellent breed character. His age is deep and wide with tight shoulders and elbows. Even though is slightly oversized he received an Excellent Linear Appraisal score. His fresh daughters have extremely high, well attached udders.

Rosasharn WT B-Bo *S

Sire: Rosasharn Tom’s Water Tabby *S
Dam: ARMCH Rosasharn’s UMT Honey Bee 4*D

DOB: 7/6/07
Show record: NYS

A flashy black and white buck who excells in dairy character. We are excited about B-Bo’s pedigree: he brings back the Tom-Water Lilly genetics in the breeding of Tabby to his brother UMT’s daughter, Honey Bee.

Rosasharn TL Bully Hill *S

Sire: ARMCH Rosasharn’s Tiger L +*S E
Dam: Rosasharn ST Sake 5 *D

A very correct yearling buck. We retained both of his litter-mate sisters last year and both his new sisters from this year. These kids show consistency in length, levelness and width with high, wide rears and smoothly blended front ends.

Rosasharn AL Astrix

Sire: Rosasharn’s TL Alaman
Dam: Rosasharn’s WB B-Trix

Rosasharn’s Son of Honey +S “Sonny”

Sire: Rosasharn WT B-Bo +S
Dam: ARMCH R. Buckwheat Honey

Sharp little black and white buck with super soft supple skin and lots of dairy character


Rosasharn’s BH Pino Grigio +S

Sire: Rosasharn’s TL Bully Hill
Dam: Rosasharn’s SW Sake

Solid gold buck closely line bred on our wonderful Sake. We hope he passes on all her lovely traits.



ARMCH Rosasharn’s Guadalupe Moteada 3*D, 3*M ‘E’, VEEV 91 “Lupe”

Sire: ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb+*S E
Dam: Stonewall’s Baby ‘Uddercup*D

21.25 DOB 3/30/98.
HES: Sr: 89.9 (EX!)
AGS: 90.4


This doe is quite similar in confirmation to her sisters out of Tom,
truly a small dairy goat. Lupe is still going strong at age 10. She has
stood the test of time. Her udder is still nicely attached with a very
pleasing shape and texture. Her body has held up beautifully, even
her pasterns are still up. She always has easy births. She is flashy,
in a different color: black with random tan moon-spots. She is a
firecracker of a personality and loves everybody but does things
her way–spoiled.

Show record: 1 x RS CH JR Doe
1 x GR. CH. JR.
3 x GR. CH. SR.
several times Champion Challenge winner.

AGS TOP 10 Production: 2001 #7mlk, #6BF, #6prot.

DHIA: 1.03-235-448-28(6.3)-18(4.0)

Rosasharn’s Love-My-Goat

Sire: ARMCH Rosasharn’s Tiger L +*S ‘E’
Dam: Rosasharn’s SW Sake 4*D, 4*M +EVV 85





Rosasharn MR Virginia Reel

Sire: Rosasharn FS Merlin
Dam: Rosasharn’s P Pennsylvania 4*D

Similar to her sister, but with a little more width. A very nice correct doe. Her udder is super tightly attached and we are retaining her buck kid out of Tiger as a new herd sire.


Show record: 2 X Jr Gr Ch. in open ADGA show (not official legs)
1 X Rs. Jr AGS





ARMCH Rosasharn UMT Even’ Star 9 *D, 9*M

Sire: ARMCH Under My Thumb+*S
Dam: Rosasharn’s TL Arwen 8*D

DOB 6-25-04

Even Star is small buckskin doe with white over lay. She is very well balanced and is showing allot of width, depth and dairy character. She is graceful and elegant, displaying a super flat top line, both across the back and from thurl to thurl. Her first freshening udder is very much like Arwen’s, but with stretchier teats that are easier to milk. Her udder is globular, very high, tight, and with a super fore-udder. She freshened for the first time at age 3 (July ’07) and we are extremely impressed with that udder!!!
It was well worth waiting for!

Show record:
1 X Rs. Jr. AGS
1 X Grand Jr. ADGA & AGS
1 X Grand Sr. ADGA & AGS




Rosasharn SP Libra

Sire: ARMCH Rosasharn FS Sapporo *S
Dam: ARMCH Rosasharn’s Eclipse 2*D E

Very level and smoothly blended with strong feet and legs and a will to milk.

Show record: 1 X Gr. Ch. Jr





Rosasharn SP Creeper

Sire: ARMCH Rosasharn SW Saporro*S
Dam: ARMCH Rosasharn Buckwheat Honey 4*D E

2007 AGS National Champion!!!!

Beautiful udder. Very much like Honey’s was at that age. She was not behaving for the pictures, but really a nice little dairy doe. We are retaining her buck and doe out of Tiger.

Show record: Not yet shown







ARMCH Rosasharn SW Sake 4*D, 4*M +EVV 85

Sire: Doe-sy-Doe’s FS Storm Warning
Dam : ARMCH Rosasharn’s TL Unagi 4*D


Pronounced : “Sackie” and named after the mild Japanese rice wine, Sake is long bodied and very wide in the rear with lots of room for an udder. She has an incredible udder with the softest texture in our herd. Her attachments are great and her teats are long, elastic and wide.

Show record: first in her class the two times she was shown
1 ADGA Gr Ch Sr.
1 ADGA Res. Gr. Ch. Sr.


Rosasharn GX Merlot

Sire: Rosasharn’s TL Galaxy*S E, ++B VEE
Dam: Rosasharn’s B-Trix





Rosasharn TL Alaman *S

Sire: ARMCH Rosasharn’s Tiger L +*S E
Dam: Rosasharn MR Virginia Reel 5*D

A very long bodied and level buck. Like his brothers in the “Tiger Trio” we kept last
year, Alaman is very wide and open throughout. He is open in the rear and between
the ribs. A very stylish and dairy buck. We have already seen a couple kids on the ground and like what we see! We are retaining one of his buck kids as a herd sire.
 See Astrix on the Senior Does page.



ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S’E’ 

2 X AGS National Champion Buck – 1997 and 2000!

“Tom” was our favorite herd sire! He built our herd.

Sire: ARMCH Goodwood Kauri Tree +*S 
(s:Goodwood Kenya X d:Goodwood Helvetica) 

Dam: Goodwood Guadalupe *D
( s:Willows By George X d:Goodwood Zippy Mariri ).

DOB 3/15/93.
HES 91.70 (Excellent ! )
AGS Classification: 93

Tom was perhaps, the most influencial buck in the history of the Nigerian breed. He helped build the Rosasharn style, passing on long level top-lines and rumps; long necks; wide rear ends and escutcheons; capacious, tightly attached udders with large comfortable, easy-to-milk teats; strong front ends and general correctness, in a variety of flashy colors. His offspring possess fabulous balance and dairy proportions. Many of his sons are in service as herd sires, throwing gorgeous kids, daughters of which at this point have well attached udders fore and rear. Tom’s genetics, and our creative line breeding program are responsible for the unique Rosasharn herd style. Tom has sired multiple Master (permanent) champions and many of his offspring have Grand Champion “legs” We were very sad when Tom passed away at 11 years old. He lived a good life and left behind a legacy that will continue to prove themselves in all ways possible. He lives on in his kids, kid’s kids and his kids, kids, kids… We will never forget Tom or the influence he left behind on the entire Nigerian breed. See some of his kids here.

Show record:
Many, many Champion Challenges. Tom has only forfeited a Champion Challenge title once in his life, in 1998: to his grand son, on an occasion when Tom got into the show ring, dug in his heals and would NOT budge!

ARMCH Rosasharn’s Tiger L +*S ‘E’ ++B +AE 82

Sire: Stonewall’s Apocalypse Now (s: Stonewall’s Raising Arizona X d: Stonewall’s Lily Dale)
Dam :ARMCH Goodwood Water Lilly *D

2000 AGS National BOB!

DOB: 5/3/99
HES: 90.9
AGS: 91

Tiger, like Tom before him, refined and defined the Rosasharn style. He contributed greatly to the development of the Nigerian breed overall. He was the result of a line breeding on Stonewall’s Raising Arizona, who is Tiger’s paternal grand sire and Water Lily’s grandsire. Raising Arizona, himself was a grandson of the exceptional Tom Thumb! Tiger is black and gold buckskin with much white overlay. His first freshened daughter easily became a permanent champion: ARMCH Rosasharn’s Unagi. Tiger sired many champions and his daughters excel in udder shape, attachment and milk production. We are thrilled with the udders we have seen on his daughters, every udder has been an improvement over the dam, especially in height of rear udder and MSL. His kids are very consistent; with really nice tight shoulders and are very stylish and well balanced with super high and tight rear udders. See some of his kids HERE.

Show record:
4 X RS. GR. CH.
3 X GR.CH.

ARMCH Rosasharn’s Under My Thumb

Sire: ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S ‘E’
Dam: ARMCH Goodwood Water Lily

See his kids HERE.




ARMCH Rosasharn SW Soporro *S E

Sire: Doe-Sy-Doe’s FS Storm Warning
Dam: ARMCH Rosasharn’s Unagi 4*D ‘E’

A wide and powerful buck that has great balance and stregnth. Gold and white with great genetics on both sides he gave us great kids with high, tight udders that blend smoothly into the body with heavy capacity too. See his littermate sister Sake for his “look.”

Show record: 3 X grand champ buck AGS

ARMCH Rosasharn’s Eclipse 2*D ‘E’, 2*M EEEV 91



Sire: ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S
(s:ARMCH Goodwood Kauri Tree +*S X d:Goodwood Guadalupe *D)
Dam: ARMCH Stonewall’s Little Luli *D
(s:Brush Creek Shiloh X d:Stonewall’s Chocolate Anna).

DOB 3/21/95
HES: 92.7. 22 1/4″

Eclipse is the daughter of two-tiime AGS National Champion, Goodwood Tom Thumb+*S, National Champion in her own right AND dam of ARMCH Rosasharn’s Buckwheat Honey 3*D, 3*M E, 2007 AGS National Champion! This is a winning line! 
Chocolate with a large white eclipse shape on left side. She has been one of Rosasharn’s best milkers; voluminous udder with nice long, wide teats (hand fulls), high, wide rear udder attachment; she really fills the milk pail! Nice and wide in the hocks, escutcheon and hips, long rump, and a strong front end. Truly a grand old lady. At almost 9 years of age she earned one of the highest AGS classification scores ever given to a Nigerian, 92.7. And at TEN years of age became the AGS National Champion Sr. Doe! She is still healthy and productive at 12 years of age! These are the genetics we breed for: a long healthy, productive life.

Show record:
MCH (3 X Grand champion)
8 x Best udder
10 x Best doe in show
ANDDA All American 4 year old ’99!
AGS National Champion 2005

AGS TOP 10 production: 1999 #5 milk, #4 protein
2001 #1milk,#1BF #1pro. 2001#3mlk, #4BF, #3pro.
#1 for milk, butterfat and protein 2001!
Oldest Nigerian on test!

1999: AGS #5 milk production! #4 protein!
#1 for milk, butterfat and protein 2001
11.11280-748-40-28(in progress)

GCH/ARMCH Rosasharn’s TL Ulani 4*D
VG, 3*M ++VV 86

Sire: ARMCH Rosasharn’sTiger L +*S E
Dam: ARMCH Rosasharn’s Uni 3*D
DOB 4/18/03

Ulani was our first double ADGA/AGS permanent champion!
She was light gold with intricate white lacing, beautifully balanced with lovely general appearance when she cooperated. She was very nice straight forward front feet and legs and very correct rear angulation. She did not have the sweetest temperament in the herd, 
always a bit stand-offish though came for milking reliably. Her udder had incredible width and height to the rear with a good fore and excellent capacity too.

Show record: 
1 X Grand champ.
3 X Gr. Sr. ADGA (2 X AGS and ADGA)


ARMCH Rosasharn’s Unagi 3*D ‘E’ 91.5 3*M

Sire: ARMCH Rosasharn’s Tiger L+*S ‘E’ 
(s: ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb ‘E’ X d. ARMCH Goodwood Water Lily 3*D)
Dam: ARMCH Rosasharn’s Uni 3*D
(s: ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb ‘E’ ++*S X d: Rosasharn’s Baby Usa 2*D)
DOB: 4/21/01


ARMCH Stonewall’s Little Luli *D 


Sire: Brush Creek Shiloh
(s: Brush Creek Russel X d:Brush Creek Jolene)
Dam: Stonewall’s Chocolate Anna
(s:Goodwood Kenya X d:Goodwood Rosa Parks).

DOB 1/12/92.

HES 86.7 (very good). 21″,

Ggold “buckskin” with brown cape,
white spot on right side

This graceful, long doe has a long neck, beautiful top-line and exceptionally long teats on a well attached udder (which her sons seem to pass on to their offspring consistently). She is a bit high strung, which causes her to go off her feed when transported or otherwise stressed; consequently her milk production falls dramatically and she doesn’t look her best when shown,
nevertheless she earned MCH.

Show record: MCH

DHIA: 6.01-303-593-33(5.6%)-28(4.7) 1998
RETIRED (see Eclipse)

Rosasharn’s Kamehameha

AGS # D-11738

Sire: OTR Magic Heracles
Dam: Stonewall’s Ame Ebi 2*D

DOB: 4/20/99 HES: 87.3

Red with much overlain white

Show Record:
1 Res GrCH
1 X GChSr. Buck (as a yearling)

OTR Magic M Heracles

Sire: Inavale Mr. Magic
(S: Piddlin Acres Maverick X D: Goodwood Tambourine)
Dam: ARMCH OTR Circe the Enchantress 3*D
(S: OTR Fun’s FuN Comet X D: ARMCH OTR Minuet in C 2*D)

AGS # D-9286
DOB: 4/11/98 HES: 88.75 (very good)

Cream and white. 
Harvey Considine said that this very sharp buck had
superb dairy character, though at the time of evalution, 1 yr, he was a
bit feminine for a buck. He was described by his breeder as her “udder breeding.” He comes from a line of does who excel on both milk test and in the show ring.

Show Record:

1 X Res. Sr. Ch. buck (at 1 yr)
 Sold (see Honey)

Goodwood Geranium *D 

Sire: Willows By George
(s:Willows Beauregard X d:Willows Sweet Georgia Brown)
Dam: Goodwood Cowgirl
(s:Goodwood Kupe’s Canoe X d: Willows So Forth).

D AGS#D-1155f
DOB 12/29/90
HES 90 (Excellent !)
21″ light gold

Geranium was smoothly blended, overall. She had a grand, beautifully attached udder, a level top-line, long rump and strong front end. Timing had not been in her favor in the showring; she was only shown for the first time as a 4 year old, and her last lactation (’97), was atypical. She had a fetus die in utero, necessitating a C-section on a very sick uterus and doe. After 2 weeks in vet hospital, she returned home, still weak, with the prognosis that she would never conceive again. To our astonishment, her yearling daughter (from whom she was inseparable) began nursing and brought her into a decent enough lactation that she placed in the top of her class when she was shown, including first place in the aged doe class at the 1997 AGS National show! 
Show record: 1 x Gr. Ch. Sr. 
Died at 9 yr.

ARMCH Rosasharn’s Baby Bella *D>

Sire: Mulberry Farm’s Peter Pan
Dam: Mulberry Farm’s Friede

DOB 3/13/91
HES 91.4 (Excellent ! )

 Chestnut chamiosee roan, black legs, face dorsal stripe, white chest band.

Bella came from a herd of miniature dairy-looking goats (all colors); none were registered. Bella’s credentials were submitted to the committee responsible for admitting to the AGS N.D. herd book (before it closed) and she was accepted! She had a nice front end, long legs and neck, a deep chest and barrel, tremendous body capacity, a lovely dish face, and grace throughout. Her udder was superbly attached fore and rear, improving with age, but she had short teats. Bella was the herd queen and my most beloved: she is greatly missed.

Show record: MCH At age nine Bella stood in third place in the Champion Challenge line at the 2000 AGS National Show! All American Aged Doe 1998.

7.00-293-837-48(5.7%)-38(4.5%) 1998 

Rosasharn SP Mercury *S

Sire: Rosasharn SW Sapporo *S E
Dam: ARMCH Rosasharn’s Eclipse 2*D E
2005 AGS National Champion!!
Show record: NYS
Probably Eclipse’s last kid, he is her final “Big Bang” before a comfortable, and well earned, retirement. Merc is as masculine as any Rosasharn buck is, especially at his young age. He is well proportioned.

Doe-Sy-Doe’s Patt’n

Sire: Rosasharn’s Tiger L
Dam: Stonewall’s Honey Suckle

This flashy tri-colored buck is 1/2 brother to the Reserve Champion Senior Doe at the 2000 AGS National Show–Doe-Sy-Doe’s Honey Bun; Grandson of ARMCH Goodwood Water Lily *D

Show Record:
5x Gr. Ch. Jr. buck; 
1X Rs. Ch. Sr. 
1 X Gr. Ch. 
His maternal relations have outstanding mammary systems which propel them to the head of their classes as senior does. Used for buck service to introduce some outside genes and bring back Tiger/Water Lily’s line also.
Owned by Heather Marciello of Doe-Sy-Doe farm.

Rosasharn’s P Pennsylvania 4*D, 4*M, VEEA 84

Sire: Doe -Sy-Doe’s Patte’n
Dam: Rosasharn Tom’s Bit-A-Lilly 3*D

21.5″ DOB 6/15/03

“Penny” is, in our opinion, our most stylish and elegant doe! She levels out on the move beautifully. Her grace and balance between width and dairy character are excellent. This doe has amazing general appearance: she is strong across the topline, gracefull and deep throughout with strong feet and legs and width to match her dairy character. A lovely udder too: very smooth fore. It is, as one judge put, “Just socked right up in there.” It is so high and tight that we can’t see it all. Her offspring consistantly inherit her style (see our California Twirl and Virginia Reel). She freshened for the first time at three years of age. This has put her at a disadvantage in the show ring. She hasn’t had as many freshenings or as much capacity as some other does in her age class. We wish her teats were a bit longer. More than one judge has commented that she represents the ideal in dairy goat conformation.

Show record:
many blues
1 X Rs. Grand JR. AGS
1 X Grand Ch. JR. AGS
3 X Rs. Ch. Sr. ADGA 
1 X Grand Sr. ADGA



Rosasharn UMT Painted Lady 5 *D, 5*M

Sire: ARMCH Under My Thumb +*S
Dam: Rosasharn’s TL Mariposa
DOB 7-20-04

Lady is eye catching. She has a particularly pleasing head and face like her mother. She has really high withers, tight shoulders and levels out nicely on the move. She has a long clean neck and incredible breed character, with great width between the hocks and an amazing udder to fill it! A super extended fore-udder, incredibly high and tight rear udder and lovely teats! Due to stiffness from an old neck injury she does not do as well in the show-ring as she should. She delivered late, ON our LA date. We were unable to have her appraised! We’re eager to see how she does.

Show record:
1 X Rs. Grand Champ JR.
1 X Grand Champion Jr.
X Jr. Best of Breed
1 X ADGA Res. Sr.

3.00-149-582-48-22 (in progress)


Rosasharn TL Golden Flicker

ARMCH Rosasharn’s Tiger L +*S E
Dam: Rosasharn SP Honey Creeper

Flicker is another of Tigers last bucks that we kept. His dam is a Buckwheat Honey daughter who is very correct, but small. Flicker is an uphill, high-withered buck, but is smaller than Tiger. He is wide and has excellent feet and legs. Most of all though, I just love his smooth front end assembly.




ARMCH Rosasharn’s TL Arwen 8*D E, 2*M VEEE 90

Sire:: ARMCH Rosasharn’sTiger L +*S E
Dam: ARMCH Rosasharn’s Elfin 7*D
DOB 5/2/02
AGS Clas. 90

Arwen is an example of Tiger’s good work on shoulder blending and udder attachment. Arwen combines her mom’s depth and width and power while blending perfectly with a super high and incredibly tight rear udder, one of the highest we have ever seen on a Nigerian. Arwen has refinement, grace and power that are in excellent balance. A super high rear udder, not only holding up with age but still improving!

Show record: 1 X Jr. Grand Champion AGS
1 X Rs. Sr. Ch. + BU 2007 National/ANDDA Specialty show
2 X Rs. Ch Sr. ADGA
3 X ADGA Gr. Sr.
Several Best Udders

DHIA: 2.01-179-390-29(7.4)-14(3.6)