2017 Kids

Take a look at our breeding schedule for this season.

Buckling *B

Sire: Rosasharn PLW Will Shakespeare *B
Dam: Rosasharn GX Shiraz 5*M
DOB: 02/21/17

If you are looking for milk production, this is the buck for you! Top ten milk producers on both sides of his pedigree.


Buckling *B

Sire: Rosasharn Prince LiteningWhelk *B
Dam: Rosasharn CB Red Damsel 7*M
DOB: 06/01/17


Buckling *B

Sire: Rosasharn DLM My Monarch
Dam: Rosasharn SH Ultima 3*M
DOB: 03/20/17

Senior Bucks

Rosasharn OC Cat Stevens *B

Sire: Rosasharn NP Oyster Catcher *B
Dam: Rosasharn TL Kit-Kat 5*M
DOB: 06/22/16

“Steve” comes from some of our favorite lines. He is quite an attractive yearling buck who is ready and eager to service your does this year.


Rosasharn PLW Orangina 7*M

Sire: Rosasharn Prince LiteningWhelk *B
Dam: Rosasharn AX Champagne Bubbles 6*M
DOB: 03/17/15

Not really a show goat, but a great milker from very strong production lines. She easily earned her milk star and is shown here at ten months into her first lactation.

Rosasharn PLW Anglina Balerina

Sire: Rosasharn Prince Liteningwhelk *B
Dam: Rosasharn NP Fancy Nancy 6*M
DOB: 05/07/16

This cute little doe is from of our favorite lines and would make a great addition to any herd.


Livestock Guardian Dogs

Both purebred Pyrs and Pyr-Anatolian crosses make great LGDs as well as great pets. Born and raised with goats and mentored by our experienced LGDs.

This trained team of LGDs is ready to care for their own herd. Bear (Junebug x Charlie) is 1/8 Anatolian and Denali (Genevieve x Charlie) is a purebred Pyr. They are both are one-and-a-half years old and are both neutered/spayed. These two were raised with goats and mentored by working LGDs. Please contact us if you are interested in this pair.

Please contact us for available puppies or to get on the waiting list for future litters.

Taking reservations now!

Genevieve with her 2015 litter

Puppies enjoying their first winter

Genevieve's Pyr-Anatolian litter at 6 weeks

Genevieve’s first litter at 6 weeks

Genevieve's daughter, Izzie with Charlie

Genevieve’s daughter, Izzie with Charlie


Heritage Hogs

Please contact us for available pigs.

Large Black x Hampshire cross piglets

AGH sow and piglets


Also take a look at our goat milk soaps.