2018 Kids

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Several doe kids and lots of bucklings available out of our top does and promising first fresheners.
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Livestock Guardian Dogs

Both purebred Pyrs and Pyr-Anatolian crosses make great LGDs as well as great pets. Born and raised with goats and mentored by our experienced LGDs.

Junebug delivered another litter of ~1/8 Anatolian, 7/8 Pyr puppies. Sire is a Pyr-looking and acting working farm dog with some Anatolian behind him. We have loved (and kept) several of his offspring in the past. Pups are well mentored and socialized with goats and other LGDs. Super gentle personalities. Ready to go now with first shots, dewormed, and vet check.
Two males and one female still available!

Izzy delivered her largest litter to date with six females and four males, sired by our own Charlie. These are “Pyrs with a touch of Anatolian” – one of our favorite crosses. Pups are well mentored and socialized with goats and other LGDs. Super gentle personalities. Will be ready to go with first shots, dewormed, and vet check in late August to early September.
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Rosasharn Denali

Sire: Rosasharn Je-Suis Charlie
Dam: Rosasharn’s Okimo Genevieve
DOB: 05/15/16


Denali is a 2-year-old spayed purebred Great Pyr. She is an amazing LDG! Super brave, responsible, protective, and excellent with her charges; Nigerian goats of all ages, our house dogs, and LDG puppies. She has exposure to chickens but has not penned with them. We have not had any issue with her chasing our guinea fowl that free range. She lives peacefully with horses who pasture with the goats in the summer months. Littermate to Teddie, she is super loving, loyal, polite, and affectionate to her people.

Denali does have a few vices that make her a little challenging to place; She is not universally friendly to people she doesn’t know. With some she is fine with and with others she barks aggressively, especially as they approach her pen/territory. She can climb a 4′ fence. Here she doesn’t leave the property, but you would need to have a secure, higher pen until she knows your farm as home, or chain her when you are not around until she is bonded to your farm. Lastly, she has chewed the tails on long tailed sheep (I think she wanted to make them into goats)*. If none of these are problems for you, she might be a perfect fit!

*Although I do not keep LGDs with my sheep due to the proximity of neighbors and proximity to a busy road, when I have taken her to the sheep pasture under supervision, Denali responds appropriately to reprimand if she chases sheep. Sheep, as a flock, move very differently than goats, and mine are not accustomed to dogs so they run unpredictably. I do believe she can learn to live with and protect sheep appropriately with some consistent training.

Teddie with her first litter

Puppies enjoying their first winter

Genevieve's Pyr-Anatolian litter at 6 weeks

Great Pyr/Anatolian pups at six weeks

Genevieve's daughter, Izzie with Charlie

Izzy and Charlie


Heritage Hogs

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Large Black x Hampshire cross piglets

AGH sow and piglets


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