Andorra, the matriarch of our line, our first breeding female

We have depended on Livestock Guardian Dogs to protect our goats since 1993. We began with Merema-Great Pyrenees crosses and have had many generations of guardians, mostly Great Pyrenees (some rescues) and two Anatolian Shepherds. We usually have a team of 5-6 permanent dogs at any given time, spread among our various goat and poultry pens.  We often have puppies of various ages and stages of training as well.  We feel LGDs are our best protection for our goats and poultry. A llama works in a remote roadside pasture with our sheep where we do not feel a dog would be well suited, due to its proximity to the road and neighbors, without our supervision.

We breed for temperament (gentle disposition, strong bonds to their charges, even level of physical activity), intelligence, moderate size, healthy sound conformation and longevity. Our dog’s first job is to care for our herd and flocks but we also appreciate them very much for their companionship to us as well. They are all our friends, family members and beloved pets. We began breeding AKC registered Purebred Great Pyrenees in 2002 and have also bred our Anatolian bitch to our Great Pyrenees stud resulting in several litters per year. We expect that at least half will work as LGDs.

Andorra’s daughter Claire d’Lune, one of our retired breeding females, with one of her litters. Claire is a big, bodacious girl with a personality to match.

We offer puppies with both unrestricted and restricted AKC registrations as well as crossbred for the positive traits they bring from both parental breeds. We receive regular positive reports from their owners (as far away as Oregon and the US Virgin Islands).  We sell a number as house pets as well (one went to a show breeder) and their owners also keep us up to date as to their activities. It is common for us to hear “This is the best puppy we’ve ever had!” “The smartest…,” “The easiest to train,” “most responsible,” “The most wonderful, sweetest, beautiful….”. The Great Pyrenees are a versatile  breed, as much at home sleeping in a bed of hay with their herd of goats as reclining on a bed of pillows!”  Here’s a nice article about another farm’s experience integrating LGDs into their predator management.

For LGDs we strongly recommend a pair or team of spayed/neutered dogs. Two working together is much more than twice the protection of two single dogs. They support one-another in work and in play they will preferentially seek each other for rough-and-tumble over chasing your livestock. Our experience is that training two pups is MUCH easier than training one alone. If you are purchasing a second dog to complement/overlap with an older LGD you will also experience these benefits as well as the benefit that the older LGD will mentor the pup. We do offer discount for multiple purchase from the same litter.

Our Great Pyrenees are AKC registered and cleared for hip and other genetic issues.

Check out our For Sale page for any available puppies and download Rosasharn’s Great Pyrenees Sales Contract.  We ship everywhere and can ship two pups in a crate.


Genevieve's Pyr-Anatolian litter at 6 weeks

Our Great Pyrenees bitch, Genevieve, delivered a litter of twelve in October 2014 The sire is a Pyr-Anatolian cross, making these pups excellent LGDs – so great that we are keeping two of them!

Chloe, littermate to Genevieve, is our second Great Pyrenees bitch. She delivered a litter of nine in February 2015 by the same Pyr-Anatolian stud as her sister. Another great group of LGDs.

Livestock Guardian Dogs

Andie and Viv

Andie and Viv


Bianca and kids

Bianca and kids


Ahu, our Anatolian Shepard


Ajax and Eleanor


Bianca and Mango